Product Label News


You may have noticed a few changes on our labels recently with the way information is presented on the label for you, we hope this new layout makes our labels easy to understand and provide you with useful information for your family, which is important when taking nutritional supplements.

With these content changes to the label, our formulation remains the same and is the original formulation of the products. There will be no alterations to the capsule or its contents as we transition our labels, and we continue using the same processes and ingredients for each capsule. So you can be assured your kids will enjoy the same product, with the same nutritional content.

What you may notice is the age groups shown are now slightly different under the ‘Directions For Use’ section. This now includes information for infants from birth (0+ months), to ensure that your child, from any age between 0 – 12 years is receiving dosage that is suitable for their nutritional needs and provide guidance for infants and children whose dietary intakes may be inadequate.

We have also included this information, as an important implementation to support the Australian government policy on breastfeeding. As a health care provider, our products can be found in pharmacies and are also found in bounty bags which are distributed by hospitals, mid wives and specialist healthcare professional across the country. We have responsibility to ensure that government strategies and policies in Australia for breastfeeding are promoted and supported by our company, and we will continue to support the government in their efforts in recognising that breastfeeding is recommended for infants and its importance to infant and childrens nutrition.

The needs for your newborn baby are unique and personal, we recommend that if you have any product questions to contact us or seek advice of your healthcare professional about the best health option for your child.

The body's requirements for nutrients may vary considerably and is influenced by numerous personal factors, such as absorption conditions, environmental conditions, regional factors, sunlight exposure time and ethnicity. This is especially true for infants (0+ months), as the mother's health status and breast milk levels directly contribute to the absorption of nutrients including vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids. To ensure the healthy growth of infants, we and many national health departments and organisations recommend exclusive breastfeeding, and also promulgate Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) as reference standards for parents. It is also recognised that healthcare professional and parents may determine that their own circumstances require their child may require a combination of breastfeeding and complementary medicines to ensure adequate nutrients can be obtained. If you would like any product information regarding the Bio Island kids range during breastfeeding please contact us or seek the advice of your healthcare professional, we will be happy to assist.

Below are some of the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) for infants (0-6 months) issued by official governments departments for your reference.

Dietary Reference Intakes (for 0-6 month infants):?

(Above Dietary Reference Intakes refer to the total amount to be obtained from diet and additional supplementation as required.)

There is also an update in our AUST L number shown on the front label, which shows our products are listed complementary medicines. With new content and features on our label, we have followed all procedures and regulations which means we will gradually transition our labels to include this new information over the introductory 4-year period.

If you have any questions about our labels or products, please use the contact us page with your enquiry.