Queenhood Sponsorship

Bio Island is proud to be supporting the Queenhood initiative ‘A Dream Team of Women’, founded by our passionate brand ambassador Elka Whalan. With inspirational speakers who share their knowledge and experiences at each event, Queenhood is a platform that supports and encourages women to know their own worth. Through incredible online resources and annual events, Queenhood celebrates women in four ways:

‘That Mum’ for motherhood

‘Work It’ for the working woman

‘She’s Got The Look’ for style

‘Bust A Move’ for health and wellness

Through our continued sponsorship of the pillar ‘Bust A Move’, Bio Island aims to promote the importance of getting active and enjoying eating healthy foods. As Queenhood reminds us that in life, you need to exercise both your body and your mind in a healthy way to get the best results.

Follow the link for further information about Queenhood and its four inspiring pillars:?