The Importance of Regular Check-ups

By Elka Whalan

Many people walking around life today hear about others being ill but the old saying “I never thought it would happen to me “comes out when they are dealt with a tough health report. The government, so many organisations and charities speak of having regular health check-ups but for some reasons so many people don’t expect it needs to be done for them.

It does.

I have had many women this year been diagnosed with breast cancer only to say they were small breasted and never expected it would be them, a young 33 year old man losing life to a skin cancer, iron deficiencies, prostate cancer, we need to know and remember that every 6 months we need to do a FULL CHECK UP, this means a full blood count. Talking to the doctor about any problems concerns, pap smear for ladies, checking, are you periods regular, sun spots check.

?I recently took my husband who shamelessly hadn’t been for over a year, he could hardly walk. It turns out he had full blown influenza type A. Not the one that a few tablets and you’re on way flu that so many people say they have but knock you out, you’re in bed can’t move, aches and chills and loss of appetite for a week.

With healthy eating and regular exercise you can also have this measured up with check-ups knowing you’re in tip top shape.?

You’ll only have one body make sure you give it the best it needs because you’re worth every bit of longevity.